Destiny Upgrade

Image for Destiny Upgrade from FSS Marketing Store To show that we’re committed to providing you with the best educational tools on the market, we are bringing you an update to Destiny 12.5. This update comes packed with all kinds of incredibly useful features for Destiny.

Here's What You’re Getting With the Update to Destiny 12.5

  • Destiny Library Manager – More features in interlibrary loan including ways to make it easier for library staff and schools to make the book loan process worry free.
  • Universal Search
        • Support your research efforts by selecting any type of material to add to your own Favorites list
        • Save time and effort with our new integration with EasyBib, a web-based service, to simplify the process of making citations and bibliographies
        • Easy search functionality for accessing audiobooks and sound recordings, including searching limited to Follett audiobooks only
  • Destiny Media Manager – Manage more materials with improvements that support ceiling date functionality
  • Finally, to stay aware of current news and announcements, all Destiny products will now have a new messaging feature

Upcoming Destiny 12.5 Webinar:

Learn all the new in's and out's and everything on how to take advantage of the Destiny 12.5 updates.

Have You Upgraded to Destiny 12.5 Yet?

With Destiny 12.5 comes a new perspective on resource management as well as some exciting changes. Most notably, Destiny® Asset Manager™ has evolved into something new; Destiny Resource Manager™. This was done to meet the changing requirements of the assets within today’s schools and districts.

Destiny 12.5: Get ready for a Shift in Resource Management

With Destiny Resource Manager, you’ll have the asset management capability that you’ve always had, but with the added functionality to manage any textbooks with a barcode. But that’s not all...

Here’s a look at the added functionality of Destiny Resource Manager

  • Designed to catalog, track and circulate all school assets, including tablets and textbooks (for those without Destiny Textbook Manager™).
  • All asset functionality you’re familiar with will now apply to textbooks.
  • Integrated with Destiny Library Manager for a complete view of library items, textbooks, computers, band instruments, STEM, etc. in the hands of your students.
  • No change to your support costs or your contract, just added functionality. And don’t worry, it’s an easy transition. All you need to do is have your school or district tech person install it- and everything is ready to go.

Added functionality in Universal Search

  • Reading program limiters to help readers choose materials at their reading level
  • Reading history to help students see both print and digital items in one place

Destiny 12.5 Recorded Webinars

To get more information about the changes in Destiny 12.5 view the recorded webinars: