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Image for Instructional Management System from FSS Marketing Store Aspen™ Instructional Management System (IMS) gives your staff the ability to streamline curriculum mapping, development, and management. With Aspen IMS, you can personalize departmental curriculum mapping, and easily sync with digital library resources. Aspen IMS also integrates with the Aspen Student Information System (SIS), which sets up a unique classroom dynamic where teachers and students become co-creators of the learning environment.

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Aspen Instructional Management System (IMS)

Support deeper learning with a curriculum management system that makes district-wide communication and collaboration faster and simpler. Empower your team with best-in-class curriculum management tools that allow you to streamline your district’s curriculum maps and create powerful lesson plans tied directly to statewide standards. With Aspen IMS, educators can now save and share lesson plans, educational slides, grades, and comments on student work with individual or multiple users.

Features of Aspen (IMS)

Aspen IMS is packed with features that enhance curriculum mapping, development, and management.

  • Have fast access to district curriculum maps to aid in lesson planning
  • Build a database of sample lesson plans that can be edited and personalized to fit your unique classroom needs
  • Enjoy a task tool that can list student assignments and attach supplementary documents for students to easily access from anywhere
  • Promote contemporary curriculum development with digital group projects, tests, and quizzes that eliminate paper sharing
  • Create class pages that foster teacher-student communication; make students aware when assignments are due and when they’ve been graded

Who Aspen IMS Helps

    District Administrators
    • Superintendent: Aspen IMS facilitates communication, collaboration, and standardization of processes and materials directly related to the classroom
    • CFOs: Aspen IMS offers the must-have structure for implementing curriculum management software that’s easy to use from the front office all the way to the classroom. Aspen IMS will continue to grow with the needs of your district, taking away the need to change or upgrade learning management systems every 2 to 3 years.
    Curriculum Leads and Professional Learning Communities (PLCs)
    • Curriculum Leads and Directors: Aspen allows for centralized management of curriculum maps and establishment of content for departmental unit plans. Directors are empowered to streamline the process of aligning the curriculum maps to standards and can attach necessary resources to execute model or exemplar lesson plans. Aspens links district curriculum planning to what’s happening inside of the classroom. Aspen IMS can track classroom progress and helps keep teachers aligned with standards-based planning.
    • PLCs and Curriculum Teams: Aspen delivers flexible curriculum maps straight into the classroom. Teams are engaged with collaboration tools to edit, adjust, and approve curriculum maps for classroom use.
    Classroom and at Home
    • Teachers: Aspen allows educators to view curriculum maps, access lesson plans, edit resources, and create new lessons from the master map. Through drag-and-drop functionality, teachers can easily schedule events, assignments, and search and share digital resources to individual groups or whole classes. IMS allows teachers to track student progress with the built-in, full-featured gradebook and auto-score quizzes, then analyze scores by quiz or question type. Teachers can also collaborate more closely with students through digital file upload, download, and Google Docs integration.
    • Students: Within Aspen’s software, students can complete assignments, take quizzes, discover resources, and increase organization through standard tools. Students can communicate with teachers and peers, and view class schedules and current grades from school and home. Students can collaborate in real time with class or project groups through Google Docs or uploading content to group/project pages.
    • Parents: Aspen even provides parents or guardians the opportunity to see what’s happening within the classroom by browsing daily activities, curriculum and staying up-to-date with grades. IMS promotes an increased communication between teachers and parents through page announcements, events, and the sharing of digital resources.

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Services and Training for Aspen IMS

As an Aspen IMS customer, you’ll also have access to a variety of technical services to ensure that you can master the curriculum development software. Our curriculum management system is an integral part of classroom planning and departmental collaboration, and we’re sure that we can identify a technology solution that can help you achieve your objectives both in and out of the classroom. In order to help get you up and running as fast as possible with your new curriculum development and management software, or boost performance of current software users, we offer on-site training, topic-specific eLearning, and instructor-led webinars.

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