WebPath Express

Image for WebPath Express from FSS Marketing Store Students expect to be connected with the digital and traditional content resources they need quickly, easily and all at once. Guide your students-and teachers-with an educational search tool that provides today's PreK-12 students with a safe, credible, fun and familiar search tool that integrates over 85,000 trustworthy, relevant websites into your library catalog while filtering out questionable content.

With time at a premium and the Internet a huge source of information, WebPath Express allows our students and teachers to begin information searches with websites already vetted. As part of searching the catalog, students and teachers can access items via WebPath Express while at the same time matching them to the other resources in our catalog.

Carl Harvey School Librarian at North Elementary School

Take the Stress Out of the Student Research Process

Using WebPath Express as a research tool, students are able to find reliable resources quickly and easily, spending their time focusing on the content. Expansive filtering options make it easy for students to use search and browse capabilities, enabling self-guided searches.

WebPath Express transforms your library into the go-to resource for students and teachers:

  • Access 85,000+ trustworthy and relevant PreK-12 websites that are integrated alongside your library resources
  • Search website content and deliver age-appropriate results separated by grade level for your students
  • Natural search language and "Did You Mean" functionality helps students find the websites they are looking for
  • Enjoy easy-to-use search, browse and narrowing capabilities, including Visual Search icons for younger users and English Language Learners
  • Supply 24/7 access to reliable, educator-reviewed resources-from home or school
  • Identify and report on heavily accessed topic areas for making informed curriculum development decisions
  • Consistent monitoring and updates assure content is current and remains appropriate