• Follett takes the hassle out of aligning your resources to library, district, state, and national standards. Support learning by expanding standards-aligned library resources in the classroom and at home. In one easy search, you’ll find quality content correlated to the standards you’re teaching.

Finding the right resources that map to the standards you’re teaching is a lengthy ordeal. We streamline this process by aligning information about school and government requirements directly in to Destiny® Library Manager™.

If you don’t have a physical standard-mapping resource, fill the gap with educator-reviewed websites. These sites are mapped to academic standards like Common Core, Next Generation Science, International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE), American Library Association (ALA) and more.

Our standards alignment service includes:

  • Fast, convenient search options to help you find appropriate materials
  • Keyword search to quickly zero in on optimum information; search standards by state, subject area and grade level
  • Individual standard browsing to refine materials to those fitting a particular grade level; easily choose to view only standard-relevant books and websites

Mapping your current resources to standards creates a low-cost, low-maintenance, curriculum-enhancing solution through seamless integration with Destiny Library Manager.