• Major updates and upgrades: Destiny® 14.0

    Destiny 14.0 is a major update makes Destiny Library Manager™ better than ever. Destiny 14.0 includes a host of major upgrades that will make the platform easier to use, provide more convenient access to your resources, support literacy initiatives, and more.

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    Destiny 14.0 features:

    • A new look and feel for Destiny: We’ve updated the look of Destiny with modern graphics, colors, and images – all contributing to an improved user experience. Everything in Destiny is still where you expect it, so there’s no learning curve.
    • Easier access to your resources: Destiny 14.0 has two excellent enhancements that that make it easier to get to your great resources – our new Google Chrome Extension and Single Sign-On Support.
    1. Google Chrome Extension: When a student or staff member searches Google in the Chrome browser, resources from Destiny will be displayed alongside the results thanks to our new Google Chrome Extension. You’ll be able to direct students right to your resources to promote usage.
    2. Single Sign-On (SSO) with SAML, LTI, and Google: Now your users that are already logged into Google, your district portal, or your learning management system can seamlessly navigate into Destiny without another login. Using Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) and other SSO standards, we will simplify access for users, reduce account administration burdens, and improve security.
    • Enhanced integration of school resources: Destiny now supports OneRoster™ from IMS Global Learning Consortium, which allows you to pull in student and class schedule data into Destiny.
    • Access open educational resources (OER): We’re partnering with the U.S. Department of Education through their #GoOpen initiative to support access to Learning Registry open education resources (OER). You’ll soon be able to access resources from the Learning Registry within Destiny, ensuring broader usage among educators and students.
    • Simplified product naming: We have simplified renamed all of the student-facing search and eBook functions (outside of Classic Destiny) to Destiny Discover. The existing BryteWave apps will continue to work but Follett Shelf, Universal Search and BryteWave will be streamlined into our new Destiny Discover offerings.
    • Support for early readers through Biblionasium: Follett is the exclusive partner of Biblionasium, a fun and secure online reading community designed specifically for students ages 6-13. Biblionasium is now fully integrated in to Destiny, meaning students are just a single sign-on away from accessing the platform’s great features that promote healthy reading habits while generating actionable data for educators. Learn more about Biblionasium and Destiny.
    • Single Sign-On with Baker and Taylor Axis 360 content: Similar to our current support for SSO with Mackin and OverDrive content, we now allow users who have already logged into Destiny to open Axis 360 content from Destiny without requiring another login to that platform.
    • Offline Follett eBook support on select Chromebooks: Destiny Discover Android app works on certain models of Chromebooks and provide offline support.
  • Exciting changes to Follett eBooks and Destiny® Library Manager™

    The look and feel of our Follett eBooks has been simplified to be more user-friendly for your students. We have also updated the Destiny Library Manager Universal Search™ interface to provide easier access to resources.

    All eBook customers have the same, updated experience, whether you access eBooks through Destiny, another library system, Follett Shelf™ or the Destiny Discover® app.

    What's New in Destiny 13.5 [PDF]