• We are proud to offer an outstanding level of customer service to our school and library partners. This includes multiple dedicated team members who cater to your specific needs.

    • A local Sales Consultant who works to ensure your school/district has the right materials to meet student needs
    • A dedicated Customer Care Consultant who offers prompt and thorough attention to all of your orders
    • Easy access to our team of School Support Specialists, for answers to any Titlewave questions or concerns
    • Customized material lists prepared by our Content Research and Alignment team
    • Professional cataloging and processing tailored to your exact specifications

Titlewave is so much more than a place to shop for library materials. You have a customized collection-building experience at your fingertips.

  • TitleWise®

    Feel confident you're choosing the right books with TitleWise®, a collection analysis tool.

  • TitleCheck

    After you’ve completed a TitleWise analysis, you’ll be able to check your current collection against your Titlewave list for duplicates.

  • TitleEZ™ Subscription Service

    New books keep your collection fresh when you use our monthly TitleEZ™ Subscription Service

  • Titlewish

    Set up this donation program online and you’ll be able to use 100% of the funds raised to purchase Follett materials.

  • Curriculum Tags

    Easily find quality titles with Curriculum Tags by exploring a variety of genres, subjects and themes.

  • Destiny Library Manager

    Integration with Destiny Library Manager helps you find the right content for your collection.

A full-range of options from simple to complex, you choose the level necessary to receive materials tailored for your library.