School Library Resources

Align library resources to school objectives with our resources, services, and solutions. Create a learning hub that meets the needs of students and staff alike; we offer the support your library needs to thrive.

Improve Your Traditional and Digital Collection

Help today’s students become the best in the world with library software and materials that improve literacy and build reading comprehension. Tens of thousands of world-class library, trade, and classroom publishers have been grouped appropriately with curriculum tags on our Titlewave® platform to ensure your collection meets the needs of every student.

Expand Digital Content and Asset Management

Re-envisioning a library for the digital age is incredibly challenging. That’s why we created a comprehensive and easy-to-navigate eBook platform. Our eBook platform provides students and teachers with 24/7 access to eBooks for easy browsing, and digital media materials vital for classroom instruction. We also provide Destiny Resource Manager™, an administrative tool that painstakingly tracks the resources that keep digital libraries up-to-date.

Improve Students’ Online Research

The exponential growth of web resources doesn’t necessarily translate into better online research. Having too many online options to choose from can actually harm the students’ research quality. That’s where our Educational Databases and WebPath Express™ educational search tool come in. By offering more than 90,000 content-rich, teacher-verified websites and online resources for students to browse, these tools dramatically boost research quality. Students can spend more time thinking critically and less time fruitlessly searching for reputable sources.

Set and Meet Higher Standards

The benchmark for keeping American students competitive in today’s world is high. By partnering with us and adopting our school library resources, you’ll be more than up for the challenge. With emphasis on mastering close reading, Follett eBooks, textbooks, and classroom materials strengthen PreK-12 students’ grasp of the Common Core, International Baccalaureate, and other important standards. Our curriculum-aligned eBook bundles and Titlewave tags are customized to meet these standards — you’ll be able to easily help students find relevant materials that reinforce learning.

Make Your Library a Learning Hub

Collaborative learning should be a focal point for contemporary schools and libraries. With the right resources, school libraries can facilitate cross-communication and enhance collaboration between students, teachers, administrators, and families. We have the tools you need to make your library a beacon for collaborative education. With widely used technologies like Aspen™ Student Information System, Destiny Library Manager, Destiny Discover™, and Follett Classroom Connections, we can help transform your library in to a resource for all.

Lay the Foundation for Your New Library

With 135 years of experience, it’s no surprise we’ve broken down the daunting task of opening a new school library into just five easy steps. We have patented digital content services designed to make the process easier for you and for your staff.

Support for Destiny Library Manager

Focus your time on providing students with the best library experience possible — let us worry about installing, implementing, and managing your platforms. From your initial purchase through everyday use, we’ll help you along the way. We offer this added benefit free of charge, providing a true turn-key solution.