District Services and Resources

Our school district services maximize your schools’ potential and support student learning across the board. From optimizing organization and efficiency to supplying award-winning content, we’re here to help.

Choose the Right Content

Support seamless discovery and delivery of resources throughout your school district with our content management resources. Our curriculum alignment services and Titlewave® curriculum tags can supply your schools with personalized materials to fit your needs. When the right materials are in place, teachers can focus on providing their students with the best possible learning experience through techniques like close reading, eBook integration, and flipped classrooms.

Create a Collaborative Learning Team

Engage parents and provide meaningful ways for them to connect with students through their lessons. When everyone is invested in active student learning, inspiration is everywhere. Our library management systems and digital content resources allow for a deeper classroom-parent connection.

Track and Manage Your Assets

Prevent unnecessary spending by putting the right tools in place to track and manage your assets district-wide. From textbooks and tablets to special education and band equipment, know where all of your assets are, who’s responsible for them, and what condition they’re in. Increased accountability for staff and improved tracking will allow your school district to spend less money on replacement assets and instead, you can use those funds for new initiatives.

Explore Managed Services

We offer a variety of Managed Services that cover four key areas: Inventory Management, New Product Deployment, Facility Management, and Policy Development. These services will help you streamline processes at a district level, ensuring your budget is directed exactly where it needs to be. Managed Services are ideal for saving time, money, and enhancing accountability in your organization.

Stay Relevant With Digital Content

Transition your district from print to digital and bring schools to the leading edge of 21st century education with Follett eContent services. Advance digital content throughout your schools and enjoy the positive impact these resources have on student learning. Our digital content services are designed to promote integration between classroom, library, and home.

Empower Students with Online Research Tools

Ensure students in your district have access to educator-approved information through our online research tools. One Search™ and WebPath Express™ are designed to sort educational content in a way that’s easy for students to understand, all while filtering out inappropriate results.

Strengthen Libraries Across Your District

Empower librarians at the school level: build a system of libraries that share information and create best practices. When your librarians have the resources to be their best, the library becomes a place of improved literacy and content knowledge for students.

Enjoy Dedicated New School and Library Resources

Make opening a new school or library in your district an exciting venture rather than a stressful one. We have everything you need to take you from early planning all the way through opening day. Having all the materials and services you need in one location helps with the financial burden and decision-making.

Promote Communication and Data Reporting

Communicate with staff, parents, and students about academic progress, sports obligations, and medical issues in one secure place. With our data management services, you can keep track of all the information needed to meet state reporting requirements.

Align Curriculum and Support Development

Give your schools the tools and resources they need to achieve greatness. Our standards alignment services help find holes in a school’s current curriculum and align it to Common Core and government standards. Our professional development resources train staff to use educational software and programs more effectively. We install, implement, and manage your platforms for free so you can focus on improving your district.