Classroom Resources and Solutions

Use our classroom resources and solutions to improve student reading skills, develop core strengths, and more. Our traditional and digital classroom resources make engaging students in learning easier than ever.

Develop Core Strengths and Key Skills

Give your students the means to master the challenges of Common Core, International Baccalaureate, and other important standards with our classroom resources. Our Titlewave® eBook and textbook platform provides you with instant access to a vast array of digital reading options for students outside of class. We’ve also developed curriculum-specific eBook bundles that enable teachers to refine their online searches toward relevant content. With a host of other educational resources, you can develop professional skills directly applicable to contemporary students and the modern classroom.

Support Collaboration and Communication

Make learning in your classroom an interactive, real-time endeavor with collaborative communication platforms. These resources encourage teachers, students, and parents to instantly communicate. Open communication streamlines curriculum and grading, allowing for quick, cost-effective resolution of any issues that emerge throughout the school year.

Make the Most of Classroom Funds

Your classroom budget constraints are just a fraction of the day-by-day challenges you face. By utilizing our Book Buy-Back Program and our vast selection of pre-owned textbooks, you can stretch classroom funds to get the new books and digital resources your classroom needs.

Expand Knowledge with Digital Content

Bring your classroom into the modern era with our digital solutions. We have all your digital content needs covered, including a system that keeps track of real-time physical and digital classroom inventories. Connect with students and fellow educators in real-time to foster strong education collaboration. We also provide an interactive platform to browse and select eBooks from among hundreds of thousands of titles for specific curriculum needs.

Improve Online Research and Technology Literacy

Modern teachers understand that the sudden increase of web resources doesn’t necessarily equate to students doing better online research. There are a near-infinite number of websites, and very few of them are reputable sources. Our One Search™ resource browser and WebPath Express™ educational search tool connect your students with more than 90,000 teacher-verified websites and online learning resources. With these digital solutions, student research quality will grow and grades will improve.

Enjoy a Turn-Key Solution

We know that your time is incredibly valuable and extremely limited. That’s why we install, implement, and manage your classroom solutions, free of charge – no extra effort is needed on your end. This allows you to spend more time on what’s truly important: your classroom and students.