• Follett is proud to partner with PreK-12 educators at every level, from the district down to the individual classroom. We help education by getting the right products, books, and technology in the hands of administrators, teachers, staff, and students. Whatever your role, we offer solutions that streamline, organize, inspire, and just make everything easier.

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  • Whether you’re looking to break ground on a new school or attempting to integrate digital technology in to an existing one, Follett is here to help. With tools like Aspen Student Information System (SIS)  and an unmatched selection of print and digital materials, we can help you exceed your educational goals. Our solutions for schools help you foster collaboration, enrich the learning experience, and make the most of your funds.

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  • Follett is the premier name in PreK-12 library solutions, in part because of great platforms like Follett Destiny® Library Manager™  and Titlewave , the most powerful collection development tool available. We supply everything you need to make your library a learning hub, including print and digital materials. We also offer assistance with identifying gaps in your current collection and can even help with opening a new library.

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  • In today’s standards-driven world, developing students’ core strengths and key skills is more important than ever. We have the books, materials, and technology to help you on that mission. Our classroom solutions are designed to help you make the most of your budget, from affordably-priced pre-owned materials to our comprehensive Textbook Buy-Back Program.

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  • Managing a school district isn’t easy; thankfully, we can relieve your burden by assisting with managing assets, aligning curriculum to standards, or even adding a new school. With powerful tools like Follett Destiny Resource Manager™ , your staff can spend less time worrying about individual asset allocation and more time focusing on students. Our district-focused Managed Services can also assist you with inventory management, new product deployment, and much more.

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  • Explore a wide variety of grants and funding opportunities at the federal and state levels. We've compiled some of the best resources for locating and applying for grants, including the Follett Challenge® - Follett's annual contest to reward inspirational educators.

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